Manufacturing Facility:
Mevadhashma had always felt the need for its own manufacturing facility in order to meet strict quality standards and time constraints. With established a workshop which has all the facilities expected of a modern and capable fabrication unit to meet increasing demand in recent years,.

Today, the workshop serves the project requirements of Mevadhashma helping us to lower our cost while maintaining quality of work. In addition to its captive utilization, the workshop serves all kinds of process industries satisfying the increasing requirements and demands of the industry. Mevadhashma, having state of the art mechanical fabrication facility at dedicated sub vendor. The fabricated products pass through all required test before delivering it to our esteemed customer.

Site Fabrication Facility:
Mevadhashma provides proven Fabrication solutions for a various industries . Over past five years Mevadhashma has amassed considerable expertise in the site fabrication field. Mevadhashma is one of the best in class in providing Site Fabrication services.

Mevadhashma can executey by site fabrication in coal handling system , Ash handling system , Boiler structures , Pipelines ,Electrostatic precipitators , Reverse air bag house , Large travelling hoppers ,flue gas ducts , Industrial equipments , columns , etc. The site Fabrication team of Mevadhashma had expertise people to meet the challenges in the field.

We offer unmatched and Custom Site Fabrication to our esteemed customers that have enabled us to mark a presence for ourselves in the highly competitive market. And we provide our reliable site fabrication services at the most affordable prices.

Erection Facility:
Mevadhashma. has a team of well-experienced professionals, Engineers and allied team both at their office and their sites who help the company in efficient execution of their projects.

Mevadhashma has an option to source equal Erection capacity from trained subcontractors with controlled quality system. Mevadhashma provides Erection services with a firm commitment to safety and timely project completion.